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A question and I need some help

I need some help. I have been wanting to do barrel racing all my life. But I never could due to money. I think my cousins might help me, but I am not sure My one cousin while at her house for Thanksgiving she brought out the two mares and she showed us how when they get time to work with the foals to lead on a lead rope. I am learning from her of different topics. I am on different forms asking on help on how to get started. I don’t have enough money, and still haven’t found an job after looking for a year and half. This is a another reason I have not been able to go to a 4 year college not enough money.

I have the place to put a horse on the side lot, because there is enough room, and I can walk to the arena everyday since I live right next to it. I feel if I can start learning now and have this horse for when we move to a cattle ranch I will know the horse better and I will be getting out more. I want to even maybe if I can get good enough join up with Eastern New Mexico Rodeo Team, but for starters maybe for a year deal with NBHA. I wonder if any are on College rodeo team and if you were able to get scholarships? I keep on applying for scholarships and I am not lucky enough.

I know I don’t want to burn the horse out on just doing barrel racing, I plan on teaching other stuff. I feel if I am able to do this It will help me to lose weight, (I have hypothyroidism and it is very hard to lose weight) and it can get me out more to meet people. I am not comfortable around people. I know I need the money and know all the cost but I feel if I don’t ever get to do this dream I will just regret it for the rest of my life. All of my dreams have never gotten to be fulfilled, and had to be thrown away.

So here are the questions:
How did you bet started I BR or what sport you are in
Where did you get your horse
How did you train the horse
Were you able to get on a college rodeo team or are you planning on it.
What type of trailer do you use example Living Quarters, or non. Gooseneck, bumper pull
Tell me of any other things that might be helpful.

I hope you all can help out and I thank you in advance THANK YOU….Lady…
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