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Hey do ya'll accept Texans? How 'bout if we've been to NM many times?

Love your site. Guess I'd best introduce myself. Name's janice. Am O-L-Der than dirt. I live 2 hours east of Abilene and 2 hours west of Ft Worth. Have three horses. Two AQHA and one mini/P.O.A. cross. Barrel race, pole bend, etc...(in my geriatric age group).
Profession: Registered Nurse in Emergency Dept. Twisted sense of humor mostly b/c of what I do for a living...but probably really from just flat being twisted period! Not a member of the rainbow coalition but know paramedics that are. Lived a LOT of life but MAN! Nothing compares to the horse life! That's me.
Happy Easter All!
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Haha, my saying is, "real cowboys come from new mexico."

but what do i know about that.

Welcome and Happy Easter to you!
Back at ya!
If real cowboys are from NM i'm soo going. I have an obbession :-/ lol Too bad i'm from Rhode Island =(
We have a lot of wannabe Cowboys in Texas But where I live if they look like it they are IT. LOL! Lots of times they don't LOOK like it but still ARE the real deal! ;)
lol What I would do for a cowboy = P There are not even wannabe cowboys here...sucks man lol But hey is it true that everything is big in Texas? ;-)lol!
Spousal unit is a 6'4" lanky cowboy. Both of my kids are over 6' (son and daughter). All of my uncles are over 6' (I don't WANT to know about anything else on them..LOL). All of my cousins' kids are over 6' (except for the babies)....
I'm a nurse so I can tell ya that maybe not EVERYTHING in Texas is bigger! ;)
Wow! Thats those are some tall jeans going on there! And yeah I don't think I would want to know my uncles...other size lol! So not EVERYTHING is bigger huh ;-) haha Good to know! Guess being a nurse has its perks. lol
well since i havent seen any newer posts, im not sure if this community is still up. but im from texas but all my family lives in new mexico around the red river area. i have 2 cousins who team rope and they are gettin pretty good. one did really well a few weeks ago at the red river ranch rodeo. let me know if this place is still alive! thanx

that makes 2? Right? Just a hoppin' site! LOL!